Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being With Jesus!!!

Sickness, oppressive government, bills, loved ones apart from Christ - these winds and waves seek to overwhelm us.

"God thunders with His voice wondrously,
Doing great things which we cannot comprehend.
For to the snow He says, 'Fall on the earth,'
And to the downpour and the rain, 'Be strong.'"
Job 37:5-6 (New American Standard Bible)

Recently, as I read and then pondered the scene of Peter seeing Jesus on the water and then going to Him. I realized something that I really needed! There are many messages I have heard based on the verses of Matthew 14. All of them good and true. But we always focus on the "walking on the water". Our focus when we choose that is earthly, fleshly, and completely understandable. I realize now that Peter was not waiting in that boat all night for Jesus to show up, SO THAT HE COULD WALK ON THE WATER! NOOOO! Peter was waiting for Jesus! They all were. Jesus didn't show up until the 4th watch! It was the literal "darkness before the dawn"! When Peter saw and heard that the figure on the water was indeed Jesus, he wanted to go to Him! THAT was Peter's immediate, heart felt response! He wanted to be with Jesus!

Isn't that what all our hearts cry? What we all crave? Deep calls to deep, He desires to meet with us, and He won't be outdone, if we draw near to Him, He WILL draw near to us! He will overtake us!

Peter walked on the water, because his focus wasn't to walk on the water, his focus was to be with Jesus! I believe that as we draw near to Him, and trust Him for the rest, one day one minute at a time we will rise above the waves, overcome the winds and when we occasionally do begin to take our hearts off of him, and begin to sink, we have but to once again call out to Him, and He will once again draw us to Him. He's faithful like that!

P.S. As I wrote this post I got a message to call someone from Church, long story short, my youngest is going back to church today! AND going back to drumming for Jesus! HALLELUJAH!!!!!


  1. So glad to see you back writing. I love how our posts connect today. Such great news about your son! Oh to have the faith to step out of the boat and walk among the crashing waves keeping our eyes on Jesus. To remember in those moments as the waves crash about that God is there ready to reach down and pull us up to safety! Blessings sweet sister!

  2. Boy did that do my heart good!
    It is so glad to see you here....and was so nice to open my in box and see your sweet little name there. :)
    I just sent the draw near to God verse to my son about an hour ago. :)
    So glas to hear about your son! Does a Mom's heart good.
    Keeping my eyes on Jesus and drawing near to Him.
    Love ya girl

  3. Some days I can't get on the actual PC, some days I'm only on my px. When I'm on my px, I can't blog or usually get it to let me comment on someone's blog. BUT, I will be blogging pretty much a couple of times a week! I'm in awe of the suddenly and fantastic way that God is moving in our lives. It's been such a season of paring and peeling and pruning, and teaching and just plain getting worked on in God's paint shop! I believe He's taking us out for a drive for a bit before our next round of modifications! :)

    God is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD and faithful and not to be outdone!

    I'm thinking something crazy for next year with you guys and praying about it. Pray that I will have God's wisdom, timing and vision!

    Love you both!


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