Thursday, September 9, 2010

Listening, Loving, Believing

I LOVE Photobucket! I'm at a place where I have to choose my words carefully. But, feel the prompting, the nudging, to put my thoughts here today. This picture is titled Solitude. To me it shows the warmth of The Father's glowing, golden love and light for us...coupled with the sometimes occurring lowering, heavy dark clouds. You are not sure if it's your sunny day or not. But, you know He is with you in any event. You can't see much of, or far into, the horizon, But this one thing you hold onto, the horizon may look hidden from you, but, His light, His love, is warmer and more powerful, and reaches further and is positioned BEYOND the horizon and reaches PAST it, and BEYOND you. You are surrounded by His love and His good plans for your life. Like Frodo and Sam, you must keep putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward. Listen to His softly spoken words. Love Him, Thank Him, BELIEVE. Believe that though the way may not be clear, left foot, right foot will get you there, as you trust in His work to be completed in your life.

I am thankful for Photobucket, for the power His warm and golden love in us and for us, for the knowledge and the FACT that though the horizon may be dim and hidden, His loving light knows it and is positioned to illuminate it, at just the proper time! I am thankful for blogging and how writing heals me, strengthens me and begins to cause the horizon to lighten, as it seems to draw some of that golden light through the horizon and to me. I am thankful that my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I'm thankful for Grace Alone, where you may go to find many more thanks to comfort you and provide light for your path, or you can add some of your own!


  1. Thankful that you know the One who will be enough for you this moment...that is all we know. Hope you have a grand day as you embrace His love for you...He knows, He sees, He hears...abide sweet sister, abide!

  2. That picture is awesome! I loved your words on "keep on, keeping on" step at a time....

  3. Wow. I so agree with you. Blogging does heal and strengthen us... it helps us share the Light and receive the Light. Thanks be to God!


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