Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All Things Old Are New Again!!

Hello, Blog World! Not sure if I am headed this way or a different media outlet. I so very much miss the writing, the community, the fellowship. Life has been very, very good to me and to my family since I was last here. Let me be more specific, The Lord has greatly blessed, protected, provided for, healed, taught, revealed, concealed, promoted, and transformed us in ways we couldn't have imagined. He is so very sweet, faithful, constant and long-suffering. My husband and I spoke over the holidays about the inkling that I need to do some sort of writing or video communicating. Thinking, praying and perusing and pondering! By the way, 2015 our sons both came home from the Army! Safe and sound and blessed! We have two grand kids now! I work now. And I love my part time job! We have started a business and so much more. But, that's some various and sundry details from the last 6 years! Prayers appreciated as I figure it out! May the Lord bless and keep you! 

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