Friday, January 23, 2009

What Will YOU Do?


Proverbs 31:8 "Open your mouth for the dumb [those unable to speak for themselves], for the rights of all who are left desolate and defenseless"

We don't usually talk about things controversial here. I know more and more these days, Christains disagree on the issue of the sanctity of life. I am not going to try to change anyone's mind here. Nor will I apologize for my belief on this topic. I am very committed to the need to preserve the sanctity of life in our Nation, and at this time there is legislation pending which will take a left hook, then a right hook and then a move in for the kill in the issue of life.

Here is how we know the priorities of our current President. His actions match his words in this one regard. He promised the first thing he wouild do as President was sign the Freedom of Choice Act. And He has already put his authority to work in executive orders which undo good work that our recent President had done, in matters pertaining to life. Thanks to President Obama, your money and my money will fund abortions all around the world, because it's just not enough to make sure we are doing it here in our own country. In his mind, (and others which think like him), this is reasonable tool to fighting poverty and babies born out of wedlock. They truly believe this is a good thing to do. And in some ways they seem more committed to their belief than we do about ours.

Further the Freedom of Choice Act is scheduled for review and vote at any time now. If it makes it through the Senate, it would truly take a miracle to change his mind and veto it.

From the website Fight the Freedom of Choice Act here is an excerpt - "Barack Obama is now the incoming President. And he made a promise to Planned Parenthood last year they expect him to keep."The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing I’d do." "

With all the troubles facing our Nation, THIS is his most serious priority? And for once his actions match his words, he is working with his party to accomplish this.

You want to know something about this current group on Capitol Hill? The wicked way they use words. They craft a piece of legislation, which has a purpose that much of America would either not be receptive to or would actually oppose, and they slap a name on it that makes it sound pretty and, ironically means the opposite of what the proposed legilation actually does.

Here's what Freedom of Choice would do, (and this is just one action, there are MANY). Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would take away the right of faith based hospitals (which as I understand are a good 1/3 of our hosiptals nationally, and in some areas, just about the only hope of a hosipital.) and the right of medical personnel possessing moral conviction which prohibit them from committing abortions or assisting in them, to say "No, I can't, I won't do this" or as a hospital or clinic "No, we are in the business of preserving life, not killing it". Under this act, their "freedom of choice" to excercise their religious liberty is G-O-N-E.

Let's just say one of your dear children makes it through the education and training to be an OB GYN nurse or doctor. Most people who do this work, chose it because they LOVE the beauty of bringing life into the world and all that goes with it. Can you imagine them being forced to take life, against their will, or having to just leave the field all togther because they can not do this. That's all the choice there is. Under this law, you do it or face the consequences, the new consequences of depriving someone of THEIR so-called "right" to abort their baby. So now, a woman's right to abort her baby, trumps my right as an individual to say, "I'm sorry for what you are going through, but I am not going to be the person that helps you do this, nor is this hospital. We can give you help in other fashions, We can put you in touch with places that will help you either get started raising this child, and with job training, or with couples who are desperate to adopt. We can even help you with medical assistance to have this baby healthy. But, we can not help you abort this baby".

Can you imgaine any of the wonderful Catholic hospitals in our Nation having to close, because they can NOT abort babies? That's not why they exist, and the people who are responsible for the administration of those hospitals will have to answer before God if they allow this.

The scripture I chose above, is the scripture that reminds me the most, of the responsibility we all face to speak up, to take action, to not be passive in the face of evil, however well intended it might be. Eve meant well, I imagine so did Adam. But what they intended is not what they got, is it?

There are so many ways that quiet, unassuming people can be proactive and assertive in this topic.

PRAY! Prayer is POWERFUL! Ask for the Lord to grant you passion and zeal to pray with purpose and His wisdom in this matter. Pray for our leaders, to have the gift of a humble spirit before God, to have the grace to seek Him for guidance and divinely inspired solutions. As President Obama faces nay sayers, trouble makers and sycophants, I pray that God would move the hearts of a few well placed men and women, who are Godly, wise and willing to beard the lion's den and offer support, to work with President Obama, (and even poeple close to him who need help and Godly influence), to accomplish GOOD. People wise enough to not be manipulated, people with enough integrity to not become a people pleaser, because they are more concerned for their own re-election or next high ranking cabinet position.

Sign the Fight Freedom of Choice Act petition, and get your family and friends to do the same. It MATTERS to take the time. it also informs them as they do it. The site is worth the visit, it has much good information. It's free and easy to use. Click here.

E-mail, phone, or write a letter to your Senators and Congress men and women. Tell them how you feel about this act, and even the executive orders.

Every child deserves the right to live! What will you do to take action for all our children to have this right?


  1. It is good to bring to light the truth of any legislaton. Thank you sweet sister. I am in fervent prayer that God stir the hearts of many to preserve life in our nation.

  2. A while back I went to the site that had a bit of video with Obama making this was really sad. And what made me even more sad was when I saw Obama being interviewed by a pastor...he said he did not believe in abortion but he did not believe that he should stop others from having the choice.

    And so I can't help but wonder where this will lead our country. If he won't stand up for what he believes is right....and he can be swayed by the people to give them what they want......what will we see next?

    Yes, I am praying. Father help us!

  3. Thanks for posting this. It is unbelievable how sick our country is at this moment. I pray God will change hearts.

  4. I am so glad you shared on this. I read something a little while ago that commented that terrorist who have killed are being freed and innocent unborn are being killed. What a backwards, mixed-up world this is. I am praying.

    Off topic, totally, I think you saw your award. I am so glad you are back!


  5. I think it looks cute. :) I just need to figure out how to make it bigger for the stretched template. One day. :)

  6. I am so with you on this, and have already been there and signed the petition. -Love and Blessings!


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