Sunday, June 20, 2010

One of the Two

Today was and is a special day. Father's Day is a unique time to honor the men who are in our lives, and The Father who made us and gave us eternal life. I am grateful to my GrandDaddy who went home to be with the Lord when I was 17. To his Daddy (my Great GrandDaddy) who died when I was a little girl. To my Daddy, to the father's of two of my best friends. Because they had such a good impact on me. I am IMMENSELY thankful for my husband and the father that he is!

One of the first things I learned as a young Christian, was that our perceptions of God, Our Father, are influenced greatly by our fathers here in life, in the natural. This is an obstacle for many, and that makes me sad. I have to say, it was 1 of my saving graces. Because my Dad, was and is a remarkable man in so many ways. He's a man's man. Guys like working for him, bosses respected him, trusted him, but often didn't "like" him (which is highly overrated by the way, but that's a post for another day!). Bosses knew he was going to say what needed to be said. He was going to stand for what was right, and treat his men at the plant where he worked, the right way, the way he would like to be treated. That doesn't always make you popular with the higher ups! Women always liked him, because he was and is a gentleman, courteous, kind and courtly. Children liked him because he wasn't gruff or scary, always had a smile and a kind word, and he just had a way to make them feel better when he was around.

The qualities I want to focus on here though are his loyalty, integrity and pride (the good kind). My Dad, if he had a fault, it would be his loyalty. Whom he befriends, he sticks with, good times and bad. What he says he will do, he'll do, regardless of the personal cost. And his pride would be that you KNOW this about him, that you can TRUST him to do what he says he will do. Sound familiar? These qualities have made me able to identify with this part of God's character and nature in a way that shapes my worldview and faith. My God is TRULY not a God that He should lie.

The other way today was special was that my dear friend's only sister, my good friend, and the sister-in-law of my Pastor, as well as being the Praise and Worship Pastor of our church family, came to church today. It was her first time in almost a month. One day she was fine, the next day she was dizzy while driving and hit a parked car while trying to park and get her bearings. Rescue wanted her to get checked out, which turned into having an MRI, which turned into a CAT scan (and if I have that backwards, please forgive me). This turned into cutting open her skull and removing a ping pong ball size tumor, not in her brain but just behind her ear towards the crown of her head. Surgery was very successful. Biopsy brought bad news. Glioblastoma. The most aggressive sort of brain cancer. I won't type the words of what that diagnosis means in the natural, scientifically. You can Google it.

She came and it was so good to see her and at the same time made your heart contract. How can someone who was the picture of health all the way to the 31st of May, by the 2nd of June have something go terribly awry?

After a great Father's Day service, Pastor let Owana come up to speak to us. Her husband gently and carefully led her up on the platform. She carefully spoke, and it hurt to hear how difficult it was for her to speak to us. But what she had to say...priceless. All glory to God. She led with the fact that she was glad that she was already a worshipper before she got sick, because she can honestly say and we know it's true, that she doesn't just worship to get well, She worships Him because He is Worthy! She said a few other things, very powerful. She even made us laugh (which is typical) but, mostly we cried and Amened. And at the end she turned to her daughter (who led worship today, and was on the piano) "Can you give me an 'F"?" and she actually opened her mouth and sang (beautifully, it was easier for her to sing than speak it sounded like - just shows her gift!) leading us in worship, in the song that she has always said this as a description of herself. "I vow to worship, through the good and the bad, I vow to worship, whether happy or sad. I vow to worship in all that we go through, Because praise is what I do, and I owe it all to You."

During service (I had hugged her before service) I would have periods during Praise and Worship where I was strong in faith and periods where I would just take the hurt and the pain of seeing the conditions she struggles with, I would take that to God and remind Him that I do trust Him, He is able. And He is willing. But my dilema was "Lord, it 's so much, it's so big, the statistics are awful. She's so fragile right now." Just being honest, Ya'll. All in my head, would never have spoken it out loud.

On the way home, as Jason drove, I thought to the Lord, in my mind about all this. What to take away from what we had just been privelged to witness. Here is what I felt the Lord impressing me with. The story of the 12 spies. They were honored, privleged to go scout out the Promised Land. However, 10 of them came back with an evil report. Rather than believe their Mighty God to make good on His Word, to give them that PROMISED LAND, and give them the victory over the enemy there, they chose instead to believe the giants were too big for them, and the walled cities too much. I received what He put in my spirit right away and without question. My response was and is, "Lord, let me always be 1 of those 2 spies, that believe You for the victory, for the Promised Land, for the enemy driven out! For Family Worship Center, the enemy is Glioblastoma, the Promised Land is Owana whole, healthy and leading us in Praise and Worship, and we willl already never be the same again."

"And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said "Let us go up at once, and possess it, for we are WEll ABLE TO OVERCOME IT." Numbers 13:30

I know what you are probably thinking, "But, Maria, sometimes God's plan doesn't mean recovery, sometimes at least not full recovery, in any case, He is good always, healing or no." and to that I would say, God IS ALWAYS GOOD. Always. I just know that it is a matter of honor to Him for me to believe Him for the whole thing and love Him no matter the outcome, that's why it's called FAITH! The phrase He has put in my spirit and DARED me to believe Him for is "In it to Win it". That's all I will believe for, why insult Him with anything less than who He has shown Himself to be to me? I already know that the outcome will be more beautiful and unfathomable than anything I could imagine or picture, so I am just believing Him for the best, our Promised Land, Owana healthy and whole!

Happy Father's Day, Ya'll!


  1. It's kind of scary how quickly something like a brain tumor can change a person's life. But I know God can bring healing and restoration just as quickly.
    Been praying for three years that God would restore a young man in my city who is suffering from a brain injury. I know HE is able - for Owana and Micah - and if HE is willing...
    LORD, please show us Your power in Owana and Micah. Please heal them and restore their bodies! We know You can do it. These situations are not too difficult for You.
    We love You and we will praise You no matter what. Still, we ask for healing in Jesus' Name.
    Amen and amen!

  2. Thanks so much for praying with me, Karen! And I have added Micah to my prayers as well! I DO believe we will see healing!

  3. What a beautifully heart-breaking story. I'm so glad she is His. I'm so glad her faith can comfort her at this time.

    Thanks for stopping to see me. Your words touched me. It's nice to visit again!

  4. What a moving post... May our loving and loyal Father be abundantly with your friend, and with you!

    Thank you so very much for visiting me and offering your words and experiences. I left a comment for you on my blog, just after your comment to me.

  5. Wow. What a story. Oh the sudden turn of events that affect a life. are the God of the impossible. We ask Your touch upon these precious children of Yours. We know that You can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we ask or imagine. Thank You that we can come and lift them up to You...thank You that You hear us. Intercede, please Jesus, according to Your will which is good, acceptable and perfect. I have seen Your merciful miracles at work before and I believe that You alone are the God of all flesh. Thank You.

    And Maria...I had a dear friend diagnosed with a gleoblastoma 11 years ago. She and her mother are both believers. Her mother told her, "You are going to live with this." So far she has. She collapsed on diagnosis and almost died having emergency brain surgery. Nothing is impossible with God.

  6. @ Laura - thanks so much! Yes, her faith IS strong and rightly placed. It's hard to see a family go through something like. It IS good to visit again!

    @ Kim - I LOVED your comment at your blog and will be back to hear more of your thoughts. I know God is so faithful in these and all other things. As we are seek His wisdom, He will meet us!

    @ Leslie - Made my day to read your prayer and the good report! I believe Him anyway, but, it's still wonderful to rejoice of the great things He has done!

  7. I have a friend also that has a type of cancer that man tells her will seal her fate. And yet even when things look gloom and doom...we claim healing.
    And I know that healing will have taken place should God call her home...and yet we thank God for healing here.
    We also...have had our tears. Tears of discouragement and what ifs. And yet when the tears have fully fallen into the little jar in heaven that God keeps.....we thank Him that he is the one who numbered my friends days...not cancer.
    It is a hard journey....but there are going to be incredible gifts from God along the way. Truths and insight that may have never come if she had not been allowed to travel this road.
    I thank God in advance for the source of strength that he is going to be to you and this family. May His glory reign!


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