Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's the Deal?

Well, almost as soon as I got high speed Internet I had to start sharing my laptop with the youngest you can imagine, that doesn't leave lots of time for me to put thoughts together and grab photos and such, as the time I would most likely do that, is the same time he would most likely be on the net! But it is well with my soul! I haven't minded at all. Missed this, but, it felt good to share and not begrudge. Weird what love can do! Too bad I don't have that all the time!

Well, more and more I have been wanting to get back on here and viola, today I made it happen! And in my explorations I ruined my layout/design! It took so much time to fix that now I have to sign off until maybe...perchance, could it be that I might get to WRITE tomorrow? You know I can ONLY fit just so much on Face Book! :)

Love you all! And pray for you often!

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