Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vengence - Why it Belongs to Him!


We all know the scripture, it is quoted by nonbelievers and believers alike. It is distorted and used as a hammer to bludgeon people into all sorts of emotional distress, but in it's true clear form, it is such a beautiful and promising assurance from Our God to us. "19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19 and in case "give place unto wrath" is confusing (as it was to me) the Amplified says that portion this way "but leave the way open for God's wrath".

A short span of time (maybe 4 - 5 weeks) ago this topic of Vengeance was laid on my heart, and I felt the Lord teaching in a clear, concise manner. I felt it was for this audience, and today I feel is the day. I pray I obediently deliver the message and that it will be helpful to all of us!

I always "got" that vengeance is tempting to our humanity, our flesh, our fallen nature. I also "got" that when we take it into our own hands, we take it OUT OF His hands. What a shame. Understandable, we all succumb from time to time. But His ways, they are oh so much higher! When we can do it His way, Much unbelievable sweet fruit is harvested. It requires us to sow mercy, sow faith, and then we do in fact reap! What sweet fruit!

The thoughts were something like this. "Why is vengeance mine?", says the Holy Spirit in my mind to me. My answer "Well, because You are God! You are Supreme! You ARE The Creator, how could the creature have the last word? Not possible!" And the line of thought continued as the realization occurred to me, that satan will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER have the last word in our lives or our loved ones, as we stand in the gap for them! satan tries, like he did with Job, and Viola', God allows the trial because it suits His purpose to develop Job's character so that Job could be entrusted with even more blessing and honor and it brought Job to know himself and God intimately and thrillingly! So vengeance was God's! His vengeance upon satan for bringing bad time to Job!

Ok, you say that was satan, how about when it is people (of course never forgetting that we are all under the influence, at every given moment, either by the Holy Spirit or by satan. Should you doubt me, remember when Peter chastised Jesus, as He spoke of His impending crucifixion. Jesus spoke without hesitation, directly to satan, who was at that moment influencing and speaking through Peter!)?

People doing us wrong, how about Lot? God had so blessed Lot through Abraham. Now it was time for them to part company. Lot selfishly gazed out at the property, picked the choicest piece, and said "There! That's what I will take!". Abraham graciously gave him the best And that gracious, humble attitude of faith, of fully relying in God, made a way for God to entrust Abraham with even more blessing, once again. The choices Lot would go on to make took him further and further outside of the blessing of the Lord. But, Abraham always chose closer to God. And he was blessed beyond measure because of it. God had vengeance, He had the last word. We are His. Period. The.End. No One else is going to have the ultimate upper hand in our life. Bank on it!

In the last few weeks some incredible circumstances played out that I could never ever planned, thought of, imagined or in any way set up. These circumstances started to occur to me in just the last few days as a terrific, mind boggling example that whether the enemy outright or people under His influence, (even if the are close to you in your family like Lot, or in your place of work or worship) come against you, or hurt your loved ones, as devastating, as hurtful, as unfair, as much as people either don't know, or recognize, or know how to intervene to help, God sees it, He sees it ALL He sees it and He doesn't forget. He has a purpose and it IS ONLY for your GOOD! Only God, Only God, Only God, could orchestrate the beautiful symphony of your or your family's life!

In 2007 through 2008 a series of events happened to bring hurt and injustice to both my husband and my youngest son. The events were in no way related, they were each in their own journey. I was merely a bystander in the train wrecks of each of the events. Oh! The pain, the flesh it brought to life in me! The one thing they had in common was that it all involved people from our much beloved church. Sometime last year we all began healing and moving forward, and drawing near to God and submitting in every way possible. Those circumstances made me feel PRESSURED to speak out, speak up and/or leave...but I had NO PEACE and I did neither. Thank Goodness that Our Shepherd knows us and knows how to lead us! Over the past few months I have witnessed The Lord move blessing, favor and just His unspeakable goodness upon those two men I love. It makes no sense, except to say that He KNEW what they needed, what we all needed for the Next level He was bringing us to! Everything that was taken away (seemingly), was restored with extra goodness! Extra sweetness!

I HOPE that in time to come, or if you right now, find yourself smack dab in the middle of such hurtful circumstances, you will hold on to hope! Hold on To Christ! Trust Him to Avenge you! The old saying IS true! Vengeance is sweet, but ONLY if it's in the hands of Jesus!

His favor is LIFE! Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning!


  1. Oh Maria....we have so been through this....and lived like you to see the glory of our Lord in the land of the living.
    Some of the situations were healed like with your husband and son....and some were healed only in us.
    I don't wish for vengeance on those that have not chosen to repent and get things right...I pray that they see the light...for His glory and not mine.
    We have lost so many people in the church because this is not taught like you taught it here. Presented this way it is so clearly seen. Maybe in all the frills and fluff the meat was taken out?
    God is doing a rich thing in your life and the life of your men....it is a beautiful thing. :)
    Love your heart....it bears the sweet smell of Him.

  2. Whew! You did a great job on this topic! It is so easy to want justice when we or or loved ones are wronged but want mercy when WE are the ones who have done wrong. Not only do we potentially miss out on something wonderful God has planned, but only God sees the person's heart. So many times have I been misjudged because my outward action did not line up with my heart intentions or others projected their feelings onto me. As fallible humans we must leave judging and punishment to our Lord! So NOT easy to do when it is hubby, for me! Whew. Sometimes I don't want vengeance but I will be petulant. LOL! So glad you have seen fruit in your suffering. So often we fail to see it! Love it! Hugs girlfriend!

  3. well said...dying to self...allowing God to work His mysteries deep within us and allow Him to have His way in the ones who brought life crashing down upon us. Choosing where to set our gaze when life happens... sweet abiding

  4. This was beautifully written...

    Loved this line:
    "Only God, Only God, Only God, could orchestrate the beautiful symphony of your or your family's life!

  5. Thinking of you girl!
    Love ya...wondering what is going on in your neck of the woods. :)

  6. Well said, and so well written!

    I've lived 62 short years now, and in that time I've suffered greatly at the hands of mis-guided loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and total strangers. I've come to believe that justice is best meted out by the Lord, leaving me with the gentle & quiet spirit that's so precious to Him. It's such a wonderful, though costly, trade. In the end, His grace is sufficient for both me AND the offender. Come to think of it, I've probably offended my fair share as well and count on that same grace to cover me!


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